History of Closures (since 2009)

For inquiries regarding the credit unions or caisses populaires listed below or those closed prior to 2009, please contact

Email: info@dico.com or call 1-800-268-6653

InstitutionCharterDate InactiveReason
3M Employees' (London) Credit Union Limited0716November 2011Liquidation
Air-Toronto Credit Union Limited1451August 2010Purchased
All Trans Financial Services Nation Credit Union Limited0332October 2016Purchased
Anishinabek Nation Credit Union Inc.2144April 2011Liquidation
Apple Community Credit Union Limited0618May 2015Purchased
Arnstein Community Credit Union Limited1720April 2013Liquidation
Bayshore Credit Union Ltd.0739January 2017Amalgamation
boomerang CREDIT UNION Limited2184December 2013Purchased
Brewers Warehousing Employees (Hamilton) CUL1966April 2010Purchased
Brewers Warehousing Employees (Kitchener) CUL1958July 2010Purchased
Caisse populaire d'Alban Limitée1014December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire Azilda Inc.1146January 2015Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Bonfield Limitée0247December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Cochrane Limitée2146January 2016Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Cochrane-Témiskaming Limitée2219December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire Coniston Inc.1657January 2015Amalgamation
Caisse populaire d'Earlton Limitée (La)0115January 2013Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Field Limitée (La)0264January 2014Purchased
Caisse populaire de Hearst Limitée0174December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Kapuskasing Limitée0054December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Mattawa Limitée0301December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Mattice Limitée0217December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de New Liskeard Limitée (La)1884January 2013Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Noëlville Limitée0206December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire North Bay Limitée0162December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire d'Orléans Inc.0170January 2014Amalgamation
Caisse Populaire Pointe-aux-Roches-Técumseh Inc.2192January 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire Rideau d'Ottawa Inc.2160January 2013Amalgamation
Caisse populaire St. Charles Limitée0449December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire St-Jacques de Hanmer Inc.0312January 2014Amalgamation
Caisse populaire Sturgeon Falls Limitée0623December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Técumseh Inc.1469January 2014Amalgamation
Caisse populaire du Témiskaming ontarien Limitée2203January 2016Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Timmins Limitée0019December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire Val Caron Limitée1742January 2014Amalgamation
Caisse populaire de Verner Limitée0246December 2017Amalgamation
Caisse populaire Vision Inc.2166January 2013Amalgamation
Caisse populaire Welland Limitée2150January 2017Amalgamation
Campbell's Employees' (Toronto) Credit Union Limited0591October 2010Purchased
Canada Sand Papers Employees' (Plattsville) Credit Union1154April 2009Liquidation
Canadian General Tower Employees (Galt) CUL1276December 2009Purchased
Canadian Transportation Employees' Credit Union Ltd.0399October 2012Purchased
Canal City Savings and Credit Union Limited0755July 2010Liquidation
Cataract Savings and Credit Union Inc.2190August 2011Amalgamation
CCB Employees' Credit Union2026May 2018Liquidation
C.N. (London) Credit Union Limited0254October 2014Purchased
C.N.R. Employees (Lakehead Terminal) Credit Union Limited0808June 2011Purchased
Communication Technologies Credit Union Limited0033May 2016Amalgamation
Community First Credit Union Limited2181April 2016Amalgamation
Community Saving and Credit Union Limited0253December 2011Amalgamation
Croatian (Toronto) Credit Union Limited1492October 2010Liquidation
Crown Cork and Seal Employees Credit Union Limited1143June 2010Purchased
Domtar Newsprint Employees (Trenton) Credit Union Limited1998September 2010Liquidation
Dunnville and District Credit Union Limited0226June 2016Purchased
Durham Educational Employees' Credit Union Limited1952July 2017Purchased
Espanola & District Credit Union Limited1552January 2016Purchased
ETCU Financial Credit Union Limited0620October 2012Purchased
Etobicoke Aluminum Employees' Credit Union Limited1099November 2009Amalgamation
Fiberglas Employees (Guelph) Credit Union Limited1513October 2010Purchased
Fire Department Employees Credit Union Limited (The)0083May 2016Amalgamation
Fort Erie Community Credit Union Limited0534July 2014Amalgamation
Genfast Employees Credit Union Limited0513June 2010Dissolution
Goderich Community Credit Union Limited1069June 2015Purchased
Goodyear Employees' (Bowmanville) Credit Union Limited1706October 2010Liquidation
Grey Bruce Health Services Credit Union Limited1964October 2012Liquidation
G.S.W. (Fergus) Credit Union Limited0527June 2013Liquidation
Hald-Nor Community Credit Union Limited1054August 2015Purchased
Hamilton Community Credit Union Limited2115December 2010Amalgamation
Hamilton Teachers' Credit Union Limited0052January 2014Amalgamation
Hir-Walk Employees' (Windsor) Credit Union Limited0455December 2011Purchased
Hobart Employees' (Owen Sound) Credit Union Limited1866September 2009Liquidation
Holy Angel's and St. Anne's Parish (St. Thomas) Credit Union Limited0774June 2011Liquidation
Kellogg Employees Credit Union Limited0824April 2014Purchased
King-York Newsmen Toronto Credit Union Limited1211April 2010Purchased
Krek Slovenian Credit Union Ltd.0887January 2016Amalgamation
Lambton Financial Credit Union Limited2176June 2014Amalgamation
Lasco Employees' (Whitby) Credit Union Limited1872October 2011Purchased
Lear Seating Canada Employees' (Kitchener) Credit Union Ltd. 1817June 2009Liquidation
Limestone Credit Union Limited 0368July 2016Purchased
London Diesel Employees' Credit Union Limited 0599October 2009Liquidation
London Fire Fighters' Credit Union Limited 0342November 2017Purchased
McMaster Savings and Credit Union Limited2134April 2012Purchased
Margosa Credit Union Limited2186December 2011Bankruptcy
Media Group Financial Credit Union Limited0411November 2011Liquidation
MemberOne Credit Union Limited1080November 2017Purchased
Miracle Credit Union Ltd.1963February 2013Purchased
Moore Employees' Credit Union Limited0073March 2010Purchased
Municipal Employees (Chatham) Credit Union Ltd.0991October 2013Purchased
Nasco Employees' Credit Union Limited0188December 2009Purchased
Nexus Community Credit Union Limited2220October 2016Purchased
Northern Lights Credit Union Limited2157January 2016Amalgamation
Northridge Savings and Credit Union Limited2116December 2012Amalgamation
ONR Employees' (North Bay) Credit Union Limited0496September 2013Purchased
Ontario Civil Service Credit Union Limited0228August 2014Amalgamation
Ottawa Women's Credit Union Limited2109October 2013Purchased
Pedeco (Brockville) Credit Union Ltd.0657September 2013Purchased
Peek Frean Employees' (Toronto) Credit Union Limited2010January 2011Liquidation
Peoples Credit Union Limited2169January 2013Amalgamation
Peterborough Community Credit Union Limited0063March 2016Purchased
Polish Alliance (Brant) Credit Union Limited1456June 2010Purchased
Portuguese Canadian Credit Union Limited1914April 2009Liquidation
Prime Financial Savings and Credit Union Limited0373December 2010Purchased
Prosperity One Credit Union Limited2167January 2014Amalgamation
Provincial Alliance Credit Union Limited2185August 2014Amalgamation
QuintEssential Credit Union Limited2143January 2017Amalgamation
Railway Employees' (Sarnia) Credit Union Limited0409June 2010Liquidation
R.B.W. Employees' (Owen Sound) Credit Union Limited1825October 2012Liquidation
Rochdale Credit Union Ltd.0098December 2013Purchased
Saugeen Community Credit Union Limited0633September 2015Purchased
Scarborough Hospital Employees' Credit Union Limited1816October 2011Purchased
Slovenia Parishes (Toronto) Credit Union Limited1433January 2016Amalgamation
So-Use Credit Union Limited0479October 2010Purchased
St. Mary's (Toronto) Credit Union Limited0458June 2009Purchased
Standard Tube Employees' (Woodstock) Credit Union Limited0364September 2009Purchased
Southlake Regional Health Centre Employees' Credit Union Limited1678May 2012Purchased
State Farm (Toronto) Credit Union Limited1011January 2016Amalgamation
Sunnybrook Credit Union Limited0500July 2010Purchased
Superior Credit Union Limited2138May 2013Amalgamation
Sydenham Community Credit Union Limited1383December 2012Amalgamation
Thamesville Community Credit Union Limited1240January 2016Amalgamation
Thunder Bay Elevators Employees' Credit Union Limited0864April 2010Purchased
Toronto Catholic School Board Employees Credit Union Ltd.2032May 2013Purchased
Toronto Municipal Employees' Credit Union Ltd.2137December 2018Purchased
Twin Oak Credit Union Limited1039December 2010Amalgamation
Unigasco Community Credit Union Limited0921December 2012Amalgamation
United Communities Credit Union Limited2180January 2014Amalgamation
United Ukrainian Credit Union Limited0154October 2012Purchased
Unity Savings and Credit Union Limited2182March 2012Amalgamation
Utilities Employees' (Windsor) Credit Union Limited1735June 2018Purchased
Victory Community Credit Union Limited0356December 2017Purchased
Virtual One Credit Union Limited2168January 2011Amalgamation
William S. Gibson Employees' (Mt. Dennis) CUL1791June 2009Purchased

For more information, please contact:

Email: info@dico.com