Who is DICO?

The Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO) is an agency of the Province of Ontario. We work for depositors by providing deposit insurance to protect their eligible deposits in Ontario credit unions in the event a credit union is unable to repay its depositors. To date, DICO has ensured that every depositor who has placed their funds with an Ontario credit union has been protected from loss. See Statutory Objects


To protect depositors and contribute to the stability of the Ontario Credit Union/Caisse Populaire sector.


DICO will inspire confidence in the Ontario credit union sector by demonstrating leadership, excellence and best practices in solvency regulation and deposit insurance.


DICO fulfills its objects by:

  1. Providing insurance against the loss of part or all of deposits;
  2. Promoting standards of sound business and financial practices;
  3. Ensuring compliance with legislative and regulatory provisions related to the solvency of credit unions; and
  4. Promoting the stability of the Ontario credit union sector with due regard to its need to compete while taking reasonable risks.

In fulfilling its mandate, DICO strives to be transparent in its operations and achieve a fair and appropriate balance among the interests and perspectives of stakeholders. This ensures regulatory activities support the economic viability of the sector, while maintaining public confidence.


In fulfilling our mandate and pursuing our Vision and Mission we will live by the following values:


    We demonstrate high moral principles and fairness in all our actions. We are honest and act responsibly.


    We treat everyone respectfully. We embrace diversity and different points of view in the spirit of collaboration and trust.


    We take ownership for the commitments we make and support others in the pursuit of theirs. We operate in a financially responsible and operationally effective manner.


    We communicate clearly and openly. We proactively pursue high standards of performance, competency and excellence in everything we do.


    We are forward-thinking. We continually strive to innovate and adapt in an everchanging environment.