How Is DICO Governed?

Application and Appointment Process

DICO Governance Objectives

DICO's first objective with respect to the composition of the board of directors is to ensure that every director has the skills, experience, strategic orientation and interest to support DICO in fulfilling its mandate in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

DICO's second objective is to ensure that the board, at any given time and taken as a whole, has the right mix of skills, experience and perspectives to ensure informed decision-making. We also consider how best to remain representative of both regions and gender, given that we serve the whole province and work cooperatively with a range of stakeholders.

Finally, the board considers a reasonable level of continuity to be an important element of good corporate governance. In this regard, we believe that a system of staggered appointments is helpful, so that the number of new directors appointed at any one time is kept to a minimum.

Nomination Process

A pool of potential director candidates is continuously maintained by canvassing the industry, individuals in the private sector who are familiar with the mandate of DICO, and our existing board of directors. We also invite the Minister of Finance, through his/her staff, to identify any potential candidates from his/her pool of individuals who have expressed interest in public service. Finally, through our website and other publicity, we invite individuals to express their interest in putting their name forward for consideration.

Selection Process

The resumé of each candidate is obtained and reviewed to ensure the candidate possesses the necessary skills and experience. The Human Resources and Governance Committee of DICO interviews every qualified candidate to ensure that he or she actually meets the criteria, and also to obtain a better sense of the particular strengths and commitment of the candidate.

Once the Committee has interviewed each candidate, it submits a list of recommended, qualified candidates to the Board for approval. The Board then ranks the candidates and submits the list to the Minister for consideration. The Minister's staff typically reviews the list and makes the usual inquiries regarding each candidate. Upon completion of the review, the Minister selects the preferred candidates and makes a recommendation to the Cabinet.

Interested in becoming a DICO Board member? All persons applying to serve on DICO's Board of Directors must apply through the Public Appointments Secretariat of the Ontario Government. Please follow the link below:

Public Appointments Secretariat External Link