Ombudsman's Office


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The Roles and Responsibilities of the Ombudsman

The DICO Ombudsman investigates complaints and recommends solutions. These complaints must relate to regulatory issues between credit unions and DICO or to disputes between depositors or borrowers related to credit unions that are being liquidated and cannot be resolved at the operational level. The Ombudsman assists in resolving problems by helping the complainant to define options and by recommending actions to the parties involved, but the Ombudsman cannot at any time decide on matters in dispute or advocate the position of the complainant, DICO or other parties.

The Ombudsman does not handle any matter:

  • subject to a formal hearing process or appeal to the Tribunal as set out in the Act;
  • involving an enforcement action where an order has been issued;
  • in litigation;
  • involving an order for administration or liquidation; or
  • any regulatory action within the Superintendent of Financial Institutions jurisdiction;
  • involving a member's consumer complaint towards a credit union.
For a consumer complaint please contact the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)

All information and materials obtained as a result of a complainant's interview and any confidential records gathered during an investigation will be used only for purposes of the investigation and will not be disclosed outside of the Ombudsman's Office.

The Ombudsman will also make recommendations to the DICO Board for systemic changes to deal with recurring problems revealed through investigations.

The Ombudsman reports to the DICO Board and is independent from operational programs.


Formal Complaint Resolution Process

The following procedures outline the formal complaint resolution process and provide credit unions and/or individuals the information needed to get in touch with the people who can resolve problems.

1. Complaints should be first addressed to the Senior Leadership Team Member responsible for the area of complaint:

Main Contact Information

  • Telephone: 416-325-9444 or 1 800 268-6653 toll free
  • Fax: 416-325-9722 or 416-325-9439
  • Email:

For credit unions regarding insurance, premiums, monitoring, inspections, examinations and supervision and for issues dealing with regulatory interpretations, orders, variations, applications, decisions and appeals

Contact: Brian Mullan, Vice President, Credit Union Regulation

For issues dealing with insurance payouts, loan collections of credit unions in liquidation

Contact: Mauri Marak, Manager, Asset Management and Recoveries

For issues dealing with communications and publications, accounting and finance, corporate services and human resources

Contact: Michelle Séguin, Vice President, Corporate Affairs

2. If the complaint has not been resolved please contact Guy Hubert, President and CEO:

3. If the complaint has not been resolved please contact Don Dalicandro, Chair of the Board of Directors:

4. If the complainant still feels that the dispute has not been resolved, they should contact the Office of the Ombudsman:

Beryl RobertoProfile of Beryl Roberto, DICO Ombudsman

Beryl Roberto has significant experience within the credit union system of Ontario and retired from her position as President and Chief Executive Officer of a mid-sized credit union in early 2008. Beryl is an Associate of the Credit Union Institute of Canada and has held trusted positions on various system committees and groups for a number of years. Beryl is committed to resolving complaints fairly and in a timely manner while always considering the confidential nature of all information provided during the process.


Complaint Forms

  • Complaint Forms - Helpful information on how to make a complaint.

If you are a member (depositor) of a credit union and have a consumer complaint that you feel has not been addressed by your credit union, please contact the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).