DICO is a self-funded Crown corporation, accountable to the Ontario Legislature through the Minister of Finance. DICO operates under the oversight of its Board of Directors.

Memorandum of understanding with the Minister

The Minister of Finance and the Chair of the Board of Directors of DICO have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that describes the accountability relationships, and roles and responsibilities of the Deputy Minister, the Chair, the Board of Directors and the CEO. It also describes the detailed reporting requirements, responsibilities surrounding communication and administrative and financial arrangements.

Our priorities

DICO is responsible for setting its strategic direction and priorities, and managing its operations. Each year, we are required to deliver to the Minister:

  • a three-year Business Plan and Budget Plan; which sets out our priorities for the current and ensuing two fiscal years, and
  • our Annual Report, which contains audited financial statements and a description of activities for that fiscal year.

Our conduct

We publish information relating to Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses [pdf version] [csv version] of DICO's Board of Directors and senior executives on a quarterly basis as required by Management Board of Cabinet's Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive.

Open Data

DICO maintains an online inventory [pdf version] of all data it creates, collects or manages. The inventory itemizes datasets DICO makes available to the public through its website, as well as those datasets which cannot be disclosed for legal, security, confidentiality, privacy or commercially sensitive reasons. Questions or comments on the datasets may be directed to Julian Russell, Team Leader, Information Systems at