Risk Assessment and Examinations

To ensure that credit unions effectively manage their principal business risks, DICO has developed a comprehensive risk assessment program for risk management. This program is utilized to determine whether all principal risks have been identified, assessed and adequately managed.

DICO's Risk Assessment Program consists of three main components:

  • Collection and analysis of financial and non financial data
  • Conducting examinations to confirm the level of risk determined from information reported and to confirm compliance to the Act , Regulations etc.
  • Developing risk profiles for each credit unions based on its principal risks and the quality of risk management practices Risk Assessment Framework


The following documents are helpful for preparing an examination. Credit unions plan their business according to the regulations and DICO examiners perfom exams according to the same terms. 

To help credit unions with the business planning process and/or preparing for examinations DICO By-laws, guidance notes, application guides, handbooks, and other tools are available that outline DICO's expectations regarding all aspects of the prudent management of key risks within the credit union: