FSRA is actively reviewing all DICO regulatory direction, including but not limited to forms, guidelines and FAQs.

Until FSRA issues new regulatory direction, all existing regulatory direction remains in force.


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Applications, Variations and Exemptions

Effective October 1, 2009 DICO became responsible for the approval of specific transactions as identified in the Act regarding Applications, Variations and Exemptions. DICO has committed to administer these responsibilities in a fair and transparent manner, in accordance with established criteria.

Credit unions need to apply to DICO for approval to conduct certain transactions or for a variation or exemption to certain regulatory requirements. The application must contain a letter signed by the credit unionís CEO on the credit unionís letterhead outlining the type of application being made and include a summary of the rationale and supporting documentation. DICO will acknowledge all applications within 5 business days of receipt. DICO will review the credit unionís submission and provide a response as outlined in DICOís published Service Standards. Where an application is not approved, DICO will provide comprehensive rationale for the decision.

Under the Act, an Ontario credit union must submit an Application to DICO for approval before completing certain specified transactions:

  • Group Capital Agreement
  • Borrow from Another Credit Union
  • Acquire or Establish a Subsidiary
  • Invest in another Credit Union
  • Asset Purchase or Sale in Excess of 15% of the Assets of the Credit Union

Applications must be supported by detailed supporting rationale and will only be approved where it meets established criteria.

An Ontario credit union may also apply to DICO for approval for Variations and Exemptions to the certain specified requirements of the Act .

  • Capital and Liquidity Requirements
  • Guarantees and Exemptions to Aggregate limits for Guarantees
  • Increase in lending limits
  • Extension to Divestment Period for Securities
  • Deemed Prescribed Subsidiaries
  • Investment Requirements
  • Acceptance of Unauthorized Securities and Other Assets Obtained Upon Amalgamation

DICO may approve a temporary variation or exemption in exceptional circumstances where it meets established criteria.