FSRA is actively reviewing all DICO regulatory direction, including but not limited to forms, guidelines and FAQs.

Until FSRA issues new regulatory direction, all existing regulatory direction remains in force.


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Contact Us

The Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario is dedicated to answering your questions about deposit insurance. Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to many of our commonly asked questions. If your question does not appear in any of our FAQs, you still need more clarification or if you have further questions regarding deposit insurance please feel free to contact us by choosing the method that best suits your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


Contact Us at 1-800-668-0128

We welcome questions and feedback. Contact us by email, mail, telephone or fax.

Email: CreditUnionInfo@fsrao.ca

Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario
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Telephone: 1-800-668-0128 Toll Free

Questions about completing the MIR (Monthly Information Return) or AIR (Annual Information Return)?

If you need assistance with the completion of the MIR or AIR, please contact Monitoring and Analysis via e-mail at CreditUnionInfo@fsrao.ca or by telephone, mail or fax (info above).